• 1. How can I be confident that the cabin I select will be clean and have the amenities represented?

    Northwoods Compass is a professional asset management company and provides this service to its clients on a full time basis. We pride ourselves on providing accurate and complete information for each cabin. We manage good quality cabins for rental with convenient amenities. Every cabin is personally inspected and licensed for rental. Each cabin is freshly cleaned prior to your arrival and is fully furnished for your enjoyment.

    2. Is it a difficult process to rent a cabin?
    No, the process is very simple. We are happy to answer all your questions in advance so you feel comfortable in your selection. This website and the rental agreement provide you with complete information on the cabin and its features. We will do our best to suggest what cabin might best meet your personal needs.

    3. How do I reserve a cabin?
    It’s easy--every cabin requires a signed rental agreement and security deposit to be sent to Northwoods Compass to reserve a cabin. All the details are outlined in the rental agreement which can be e-mailed to you for your review. Simply sign the agreement and send it back to us with the security deposit—it’s that easy.

    4. How do I obtain cabin directions and key information?
    In advance of your rental date, we will send you directions and the address of your cabin. We will make arrangements for you to obtain the key at our office or it will be in a lockbox onsite.

    5. I do not have a boat. Can you help me find a boat rental?
    Yes, we research the local boat rentals and would be happy to offer you our advice on who to call.

    6. What do I need to bring and is there any cabin information on-site that will assist me during our rental?
    All the cabins are fully furnished in terms of bedding, kitchen appliances and tableware. Some cabins provide bath towels, you will have to bring your own beach towels. Each cabin has an outdoor gas or charcoal grill (gas tank is provided, charcoal is not provided). Each cabin also has a Welcome Book that is tailored for your cabin and the area, and provides cabin details, as well as area recreational and shopping options. A special feature within the Welcome Book is our restaurant suggestions in the area. We live and dine in the area so we are happy to provide you with many restaurant ideas and reviews, including menus.


  • 7. What does the Hayward area have to offer for my vacation?
    We pride ourselves on being your guide to a broad calendar of local events and activities across the entire area from Spooner to Hayward to Bayfield.

    8. Who do I contact if I have any questions about the cabin or the area during my rental? Please contact Reuben at Northwoods Compass via Phone: 715-645-0598 or Email. Reuben is available to assist you to make your stay fun and hassle-free.


  • 1. What is the process for making my cabin a vacation rental?

    Northwoods Compass has a complete starter kit that gives you a step by step approach to vacation rentals. We would be happy to share this with you and answer any questions you have upon your review of the materials.

    2. What costs will I incur?
    There are a few modest inspection and licensing costs. There may be other costs triggered by the inspection to make your property safe for tenants but you have no obligation to incur those costs if you decide to not pursue the license. We coordinate everything and are on-site for the inspection, so you do not need to do anything but provide us with access to your property.

    3. How much rent should I charge?
    We will recommend a rental rate after thoroughly researching the market taking into consideration the location, size, and amenities of your home and the lake on which your home is located.

    4. Is it difficult to obtain the needed licensing?
    No, it is not difficult. The State of Wisconsin wants to make sure all rentals meet basic safety and health standards. These items are very common and in most cases are already in place, such as smoke detectors and safe drinking water.

    5. Will my home be properly cared for?
    Every renter signs a lease agreement that provides contractual protection. A security deposit is collected in advance which provides monetary protection. We hire good, responsible cleaners that will clean your cabin to high standards.

    6. Can I use the cabin for my personal use?
    Absolutely, yes. Just tell us when you would like to use it and we will block out those dates on our on-line calendar. If dates change, just call us and we will make the changes.

    7. Do I have to provide my boat as part of the rental?
    No, that is completely up to you. If you decide to consider this, we will provide you with our insights in terms of market rents, insurance, etc. We provide boat rental information to our renters, so that their needs are met.

    8. How is my property marketed for rental?
    We provide all marketing support at no cost to you. We use multiple web sites, direct mail and local advertising to promote your property. We provide full and first-class management of your property so renters are fully informed and are satisfied with their experience.

    9. How do you communicate details of my property to the renter?
    We provide a custom-made Welcome Book for your cabin. It includes all operating details of your home such as TV remotes, grill instructions, fire pit details, etc. It also includes area activity information such as trails, boat rentals, bait shop locations, area festivals and we also include area restaurant information.

    10. How are you qualified to manage my home?
    With over 25 years of real estate experience and local knowledge of the Hayward Lakes area, Reuben offers vacation rental and property management services via Northwoods Compass, LLC. It was started after several years of owning/managing a rental cabin on Long Lake in Washburn County. With the success of this rental cabin, this superior rental experience is now available on a broader scale to many cabins on many lakes.

    11. I want to learn more. How do I start?
    Please contact Reuben using the information provided below. We are happy to answer any questions and guide you every step of the way. We do this full-time and can attend to all the details so you don’t have to. It is a no-pressure experience; we want to meet your goals for your lake home.